As we begin our tale…

Go see the About section. It explains a lot. I’m a frequent Instagramist, but a private Facebookian. I’m in the middle of the Sweet Tooth Quilt by Julie from Jaybird Quilts.  I began it as a BOM and fell behind. Same with the Gypsy Wife by Jen Kingwell. I’m close to done with them both and will be adding the Fat Quartershop Patchwork Quiltalong to my ever-growing list of works in progress within the next few days. I’m also planning start a lovely paper-pieced quilt named Rain Down from Yellow Cat Designs.  I haven’t done much paper piecing, so I might be asking for advice. 

All of this is written down in my Quilter’s Planner, which naturally includes a weekly block I want to stay up-to-date on. Not to win the fabulous prizes, but because I’m having a lot of fun thus far. I don’t usually put a lot of effort into contests or bees or swaps. I’d love to, don’t get me wrong. I just can’t work full time to pay the bills and get as much quilting done as I’d like to. 

It’s past my bedtime, so I’ll go to bed and leave you with this photo of my son’s favorite quilt. He’s requesting another. So is his sister, in Moda’s Sakura

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