Monthly infusions and internal debate

I sat in a big blue chair with removable table arms and let the nurses fill me up with drugs for four hours today so that I can keep moving for another month. Rheumatoid arthritis doesn’t define me, but it helps to.  The guy in the chair next to mine was doing business the entire time. He was an environmental consultant and I thought about striking up a conversation with him, but decided not to. I don’t want him coming around the office trying to find a catastrophe to remediate. We have enough of those on our own.  Earlier in the day, we’d all sat through a remarkably boring conference call while the big boys talked about what they do and who screwed them over on an agriculture chemical deal. I nearly fell asleep, but managed to function well enough until after lunch to go sit in the supposedly comfy blue chair for a dose of tepid hamster ovaries or whatever voodoo they currently use to treat the afflicted. Four hours without sewing or working. Is that even possible?

I got word that Fat Quarter Shop had shipped my Patchwork Quiltalong kit today.   I’m a sucker for a good BOM, but I often get behind. We’ll see what happens with this one!

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