Uncontrolled Chaos

I’m not what you’d call a control freak. In fact, I’m so much the opposite that it sometimes drives other people (like my daughter and both of my husbands) completely nuts. I’m very good at just rolling along with whatever comes my way from dinner plans to what I should sew to my marriages.  The state of my crafting area (also known as the north third of the master bedroom) is extremely disheveled at the moment. Even for me.


I didn’t take a picture of the mess on the other side of the desk with the sagging shelf overhead. Maybe another day.

What’s bothering me is actually the state of chaos in my office.  I’ve usually got things well under control there, but the beginning of this year has me so overwhelmed that my head could easily explode into a nasty mess all over the cube farm tomorrow.  As a result, I suddenly want to clean my crafting corner in an effort to sort something out.  Anything.

Thus it is nearly midnight and I’m soothing myself with thoughts of English Paper Piecing



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