A Day Off…

I rarely take the time off from my job that I’m entitled to. It’s not because I’m dedicated, exactly. It’s just that there’s no one to cover for me, so things build up, which makes me anxious. I took today off, thus I’m freaking out just slightly every time my work email goes *bink*.  

Nonetheless, it’s been a great three days.  I was on the verge of posting a pic of something I’m sewing ahead on, but decided not to out myself. It will get posted in due time. Let’s move on to something else. 

There!  Now you see my full chaos at its finest. This is the extent of my sewing room. It’s about a third of my bedroom. The other two thirds are taken up by my bed and a desk with computer at the other end of the room. I love this messy room. It’s my home, and if I were left alone, I’d probably never leave it. Except for snacks. And to clean the sandboxes, bathroom…ah, I think we’ve discovered why it’s my sanctuary. Nothing but restful contentedness gets in here.  Gotta fix that sagging shelf, though. 

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