Beware the Ides of March!

Well, I suppose you only need to be wary of the middle day in March if you happen to be Julius Caesar, but I have a whole lot going on tomorrow, so I hope I can keep up with all my March 15 (and beyond) commitments.

I have the FQS Patchwork Quiltalong‘s March block pattern available on their blog tomorrow, which means six 6-inch blocks to make.  That means small pieces, quilters.  I don’t know about you, but I have to starch the living daylights out of anything that’s going to be cut into tiny pieces and sewn to other tiny pieces.  It just makes them more manageable.  If tiny pieces are floppy, I flop at the sewing.  I would do a How to Starch Your Tiny Pieces tutorial right now if I had the time, but I’m at work, eating at my desk and blogging, so that’s not happening right now.  Maybe soon, though!

LTG test pair

This pair of test blocks is the other reason I’m wary of the ides this month.  Those are the first two blocks for GnomeAngel’s Long Time Gone Sewalong.  This is a Jen Kingwell pattern, and if you’ve never done one, they can be pretty intense, but absolutely worth the work.  (I’m just the handquilting part shy of finished with her Gypsy Wife pattern.  Why did I decide it needed handquilting?)  The issue is that we’re doing a sort of Evelyn  Wood approach and will be making a block a week.  No big deal, right?  Wrong.  Go take a look at this quilt!  Some of these blocks have (no kidding) a hundred tiny pieces in them.  I’m looking forward to this, but I’m a little scared, too.  Can I keep up?  Is there enough starch in the world to make this many tiny pieces this year (much less by July)?

Apparently my first attempt at a Starch The Tiny Things tutorial is in order.  Better buy a new cover for the ironing board.  Or wash the existing one first.  Did I mention I work full time and have RA?  Maybe a tutorial about how to make accommodations when you’re a semi-disabled quilter is in order!  I know several quilters on Instagram with autoimmune disorders.  Hmmmmmm…maybe both!  THIS, quilters, right here, is how my chaos gets out of hand.  I get too ambitious, overdo everything, and wind up completely unable to move for a week.  OK, lunch is over.  I’m giving all this some thought.

(On a personally reflective note, my hesitation to commit may have something to do with my failed marriages, but very happy children.  I can’t say no to anything!  But I don’t make any promises, either.)  


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