Contentment in everyday life

Yes, I borrowed my title from one of my favorite classes, although I took it at a local center.  It’s not always easy to allow our natural confidence and trust in ourselves to shine.   We can relate to one another in harmony if we have the curiosity to learn and the confidence that we’re all basically good.  I think the quilting community really fosters that kind of fearless love.  If you read some quilting blogs, you’ll see the various ways this community gathers for block drives, gives to one another, and cares for other communities despite various differences we might have in religion, culture, politics, or just plain distance.  Wow, I don’t usually wax philosophical, and I’m not sure where to go from here with such ramblings, so let’s move on to my Long Time Gone block for this week, shall we?

trip block

This block is probably not my very finest work and will need a bit more pressing and some trimming, but I’m really quite content with it.  The more work I do on this quilt, the more I love it.   I went into a lighter gray for my love volume pieces in this block.  I’m not completely sure why made me decide to do that, but I’m confident it will still look good with the others.  It’s not a drastic departure.   The sewing itself wasn’t hard, but itsy bitsy blocks in straight rows require some serious starching and a bit more mindfulness when pressing.

I love the way my sewing requires concentration, focus, and engagement.  At the same time, I also love to listen to something when I’m cutting or sewing something simple.  I love music of all kinds.  I also listen to podcasts while doing easy sewing.  Pretty Piney asked her readers to share which podcasts they sew to, and I thought it was a fabulous idea.  She beat me to listing many of the best of the sewing podcasts, so I figured I’d add a few entertaining, food-for-thought podcasts that I listen to.  Mind you, I don’t have little ones anymore, so I don’t have to censor what I play on the speakers.  Look at the concept in the link before deciding if this podcast is appropriate for you and yours.  I don’t seek to offend, but am very willing to engage in discussion about my choices.

S Town – Definitely NOT appropriate for kids, but an interesting listen.  It comes from the people who brought the infamous Serial podcast to life.  This is a modern Faulknerian Southern Gothic tale.  I have criticisms of some of it, and loved other parts.  All episodes are available at once, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.  It entertained the daylights out of me and made me think, and that’s what I want in a podcast.

Death, Sex, and Money – This podcast from WNYC is lots of fun.  It’s all about the things we don’t talk about, but probably should.  Their breakup survival kit was compiled from listeners after an episode about breakups and is pretty brilliant.  Some of the breakup songs are wonderful music, too.

Lore – The frightening history behind folklore.  If you like history, you’ll enjoy this.  Yes, it can be a little gross or creepy, but not all that much.  It’s just plain interesting to hear about the origins of urban legends and things that go bump in the night.

The Allusionist – I have a family filled with word geeks, and this podcast is all about words.  How they’re used, what they mean, how to use them effectively in conversation, and a myriad other topics.

What are your favorite podcasts?  Sewing/quilting suggestions are still welcome, and so are personal faves that are unrelated to the topic.

If I can get my poop into a group, I’ll be posting on Monday as part of the 2017 New Quiltbloggers Blog Hop.  It’s supposed to be a self introduction, so hopefully I can think of something interesting to say!


I leave you now with a picture of my knees as I lay flopped on my bed Wednesday after an Actemra infusion at the hospital.  I have a love-hate relationship with my monthly meds.  I’ve noticed lately that I’m not the only quilter with RA out there in our New Quiltbloggers clan.  It feels good to follow others with the same struggles, right?



3 thoughts on “Contentment in everyday life

  1. I don’t have RA but do have arthritis, there are a few different types all jumbled up in this old ladies body! Love those knees they reminded me of a quilt! Hope the meds work quickly and you are up and moving back in your sewing studio soon… you may already be there, I was MIA last week with all kinds of things going on and I was banned from mine!


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