Happy Monday, quilteroos!  I hope your week is off to a good start.  Mine will get better after I’ve had a chance to work on some sewing and relax.  Why is it that I can work hard on a sewing project, but sitting at a desk all day wears me down?  You know, if I got a sewing machine operated by a human-sized hamster wheel, and I’d be in much better shape.  I’d probably also start to hate my sewing and quilting.

IMG_0360 This week’s edition of the 2017 New Quilters Blog Hop is up and running!  You should go and visit all of them twice because I haven’t remembered to link to the first two weeks’ hops properly.  If I were going to be completely honest, I would have named my blog Half-Assing Everything She Does.  If my language offends you, I apologize, but just wait until my RA flares and I accidentally poke myself with a needle while untangling bobbin thread!


Here are this week’s bloggers from my hive.  I really do hope you’ll go see them.

Tami from Thrift Shop Commando 
Sandy from Sandy Star Designs
Karen from Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats 
Kathleen from Kathleen McMusing
Sarah from Designs by Sarah J

And don’t forget to visit our lovely, lively hostesses / ringleaders / eggers-on:
Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl 
Leanne from she can quilt 
Beth from Cooking Up Quilts 

supernovaFor those of you still playing along with me, I think I’ve gotten enough interest in doing a QAL for the really fabulous Supernova quilt by Sarah from Designs by Sarah J.  I think we’re going to start around the second week of June, after everyone has had enough time to breathe, post blog-hop.  I think we should take this slow and easy because I’m utterly swamped by the pace of my Long Time Gone quilt.  I’m interested in developing community as much as I am in making this pretty quilt, but I’ve gone ahead and bought a kit because a)  I love a good kit and b) I like it just the way I see it there and it will look great on my bed.  (I don’t have a quilt on my bed that I made!)  I want to put together a Skype call every two weeks or once a month, just to spend a little time getting to know one another.  I need quiltish friends, and this community is full of good people I’d like to know better, both men and women.  So if you sign up, we can giggle and stay up late on a Saturday night, if you want!  Or we can have a sedate Thursday evening virtual sewing night.  I’d love some feedback about what works for you and what you’d like to see happen.  If you aren’t one of the blog hoppers, then don’t be afraid!  You can join in just to get to know some new quilterinas (like ballerinas, only without the painful shoes and putting all your weight on your toes).  You don’t have to buy the kit, but you’ll need to get the magazine to get the pattern unless Sarah J. is offering it somewhere else that I’m unaware of.  My plan is to help anyone who needs assistance with their basic piecing skills as we make this nice, non-fiddly quilt.  I know there are times I need help or encouragement or just a listener. Compassionate quilting, that’s what I’m aiming for.  Also, I’ve never tried to run one of these things, so let me know if I’m fouling it up.  I’m not overly sensitive.  On the sage advice of my father, many years ago (who died younger than the 53 years old I am now), I’ve gone through life with the philosophy that I should just go on being me and feeling good enough because I’m not here to please others and you can’t anyway.

Pictures of what I’m actually doing may get posted shortly, so stay tuned.  Or follow cate.sans.eraser on instagram where I mostly post quilt and cat pictures and don’t blather on (as much) about my personal philosophy.

The quilting community is widely known for being nice, so I won’t break that convention, I promise.  I don’t talk badly about others (or if I do it’s mostly just about myself and one or two of my husbands, anyway) and I try to avoid hurting anyone else.

In other news, I’m still not revered enough to get my flying in WoW, and it’s really annoying!

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  1. Most magazines have stand alone publishing restrictions; the pattern can only be in the magazine for, say, 6 months after publication at which point the designer can release it for sale as a stand alone pattern. (That can be anywhere from 90 days, to 3 months to 12 months to never, by the way – it all depends on the contract.) So depending on when the magazine was published, Sarah might not be able to have the pattern separate at the moment. I’m glad there is so much interest in sewing along; that’s great. And thank you for sharing all the links for the blog hop this week!


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