The best laid plans of mice and men..

I keep losing posts, so if 22 of these fall out of the ether in various forms tonight or tomorrow, just go with it and pretend I’m not as crazy as I look, ok?  I had so many plans the last few weeks that have been complicated, interfered with, postponed, or just plain fouled up!  ( You thought I was going to drop the f-bomb there, didn’t you?  Frankly, so did I, for a minute there.)

img_0655Did you see that featured image up there?  No?  Well, let’s plop it in here again. Why?  Because I can’t get enough of SarahJ’s beautiful Supernova Quilt kit.  I ordered Supernova from here because I like and trust them to give me enough fabric to make my project and they’re always helpful if I call. I’ve done Jen Kingwell’s Gypsy Wife quilt as a BOM through them and been extremely happy.  I’m not sure what made me decide to handquilt it, but maybe I’ll show photos someday before it’s done.

Anyway, the fabric is exactly what I’d seen in the photo, and I was completely tickled by it when it arrived, especially the periwinkle. I love periwinkle and made everyone wear it at my first wedding. I would have probably done it the second time too, but we decided to go low-key with that wedding. Perhaps due to his lack of commitment, who knows?  He’s anxious to get a new job and one of the guys I work with asked me the other day if…let’s call him The Admiral…if The Admiral was happy in his current position.  So I put them in touch. No, I’m not ready to live with The Admiral again. I am trying to refinance my house, though. Things could get complicated. Let’s hope not.

supernovaBack to Supernova!  She’s a great looking quilt, isn’t she?  I’ve been doing so many fiddly blocks for Long Time Gone that I’m looking forward to the sweet summer sewing that’s headed my way.  I think me and whomever would like to join will begin in mid-June. Does that sound good?  I should be getting closer to the Long Time Gone finish line by that time anyway.  So mark your fabulous 2017 Quilter’s Planner and remember to check back with me.  You will definitely need the pattern if not the entire kit, but it’s easily found in the Summer 2017 issue of Quilts and More magazine.  I think they’ll even sell you a digital issue.  There it is again, all packed away safely in a project box with the pattern.  I do that to prevent myself from robbing bits of fabric I love for another project.


It looks pretty great on the beige dog blanket, right?  Yay for neutral backgrounds, anyhow.

I’m still contemplating the Simply Sixteen with Little Foot Frame. I can give you a list of pros and cons, but the truth is, I need to get real and figure out what my initial investment in machine, frame, ruler base, rulers, needles, batting, and various legal services will require. This is a goal to pursue in an orderly fashion, but the truth is that I tend to get wound up and whirl off into chaos before coming down and getting truly practical. How much batting would I need to start?  Do I need a wholesale license?  Can I buy batting and backing (and other things) at wholesale prices if I turn myself into a real company and get a tax number?  This all sounds rather adult. I’m not sure I can be adult this close to my RA infusion. I’m in my Fussy Mommy-baby stage where everything hurts.

Past my bedtime. I’m off. I really will blog more, even if just to blather senselessly at my audience because I’m losing my everliving marbles with fiddly pieces and RA pain. Breathe.  Peace is being content with exactly where you’re at, even when the work is shifting under your feet. Breathe, and think of Supernova….


2 thoughts on “The best laid plans of mice and men..

  1. Thank you, Yvonne. I’ve learned to be right where I am in life, but that doesn’t mean I don’t fuss about it from time to time!


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