Sulky Girl

(yes, the title is a reference to a great song, maybe I should make it a trend in post titles, forcing you to endure my taste in music because you know you’ll probably click that link.  Do it!  You won’t be sorry.  I think the lyrics are the best part of this song.  “Sulky girl, I saw you practicing your blackmail faces…”)

Where have I been lately?  Not posting, clearly.  Aside from that?  Working at my day job and having an RA flare and sewing when I can.  Let’s take a look, shall we?


This giant star quilt on the shrine room floor is called Sugar Cookie and comes from Lella Boutique.  Something overtook me at the end of last summer, and I bought a boatload of her Sugar Pie line.  I still need to put the last four inches of border around it before I can call the top truly finished, but it’s an easy quilt to make, and I was in the mood for something non-fiddly at that moment.  I’m hoarding the rest of the line for future projects, especially if my daughter claims this quilt.

You don’t see any tops getting quilted, do you?  Nope.  I’ve mostly been hoarding them for the last year because I’m still determined to get a longarm, even if only a “starter” sort.  I want to develop these skills, and I think I’d better do it on my own quilts first.  A longarm would help, though.

What do you prefer for marking your stacks of fabric, post-cutting?  I think there are merits to both, but merging them into one would be ideal.  I love the size of the FQS Alphabitties, but if I put them on top of a stack of pieces, those pieces can NEVER move before the quilt is assembled.  My space just isn’t conducive to that sort of thing.  I put everything in project boxes that get kicked over by cats.  The Alphabitties need to come in multiples of each letter/number, in a spiffy box, with pins attached very sturdily to them.  Alternately, the pins need to have much larger heads so that it’s painfully obvious which stack is which at a glance into the project box.  I have been known to use my EPP glue pen to stick the Alphabitties down.  That actually works pretty well.  I’m pretty creative with all sorts of washable glue.

Take care of yourselves until I get back, quilteroos.  Who knows when that will be?!

3 thoughts on “Sulky Girl

  1. Hi Cate
    Awesome! A giant star quilt, i love it and the fabric you chose. I could really use the numbered pins, did not know about them so thank you. I dont know how many times I have made stacks saying “I’ll remember the order” only of course not to.


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