Insert clever post title here

So what happened?  Where did I go?  Nowhere.  No excuses, really. I’ve been sewing away on my beautiful Long Time Gone and Patchwork Quiltalong projects. I was going to start a sewalong for Sarah J.’s gorgeous Supernova but that idea didn’t get much traction, so I figured I’d just start working on it and make you all wish you had started it with me.

I’m completely in love with the colors in this quilt kit. Periwinkle!  Coral!  Aqua!  I might have gotten a little carried away cutting my binding strips and run out of fabric to cut for my gigantic flying geese.  I’ve never run out like that before, but I guess I was just lost in my own headspace and suddenly had far too many strips cut.


Who doesn’t love flying geese bigger than their head, though?  This quilt will go together so quickly that I wouldn’t have had time to do a sewalong anyhow.  It’s beautiful, fun and simple. If you don’t lose track of what you’re doing. Gah!

4 thoughts on “Insert clever post title here

  1. Love this quilt. I so wanted to do this but could not get ahold of the fabric requirements. Its a good thing I didn’t as our downsizing move is now imminent – next 4 months we should be relocated to a 3 bedroom apartment and sold our house. I can’t wait to see how yours progresses and good for you for sticking with it!


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