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New Things Being Purchased (or does anyone want a ping pong table?)

Look what’s coming to my house on Friday! Ok, a new dishwasher may not be the most exciting thing ever, but the old one is pushing 25 years old and is on its last legs. My house is also in desperate need of new paint, but we’ll see if that happens this summer.

Does anyone need a ping pong table? We’ve been cleaning out the garage in anticipation of it’s crude conversion to a studio for the longarm, and the ping pong table rarely gets used. We’ve all agreed it’s time for it to find a new home. I thought about wheeling it out to the corner with a FREE TO GOOD HOME sign on it, but I have a fear that the entire neighborhood would fuss about breaking homeowners association laws and generally behaving badly.

The quilt for my sister’s friend whose parents were killed in an accident recently is nearly done. Since this laying out of squares on the shrine room floor, it’s been all sewn together and had a scrappy wide border added. I used pieces of all the yellow fabrics, and I’m happy with the way it looks. I hope the quilt brings her some small comfort. I want to make a quilt label for it, but is that appropriate? Would it make her put the quilt away and never use it if I were to make it a label that said In Memorium with her parents’ names on it? I think I would put it up if I were in her shoes. So maybe a quilt with no label. I think my Latin might be wrong there, too. More than one person should be In Memoria, right? No, that doesn’t look right either. Ok, we’ll skip the label. Now to get a longarm so I can quilt it!

I’m waiting on a banking detail and a volunteer to take away that ping pong table. Then I can pull the fabled trigger on my DREAM! I’m really excited about getting a longarm. It’s a long tale that I won’t put you through this evening, but I’ve wanted a longarm for quite a while, and I’m so excited to be taking this step. I truly have few expectations. I know I have a lot of work and practice in store, and the length of time it takes anyone to learn something new varies from person to person. I’m thinking about a GoPro with a pole mount to document my learning process because it sounds like fun, but we’ll see. Meanwhile, I’m sitting through meetings and phone calls at work, doodling with my learning curve in mind.

Looks like I need to quit using the free version of Word Press on my iPad, too. I don’t have the same options I do on my desktop or laptop. It might be time to upgrade to my own URL anyway. We’ll see. I guess my kids are right. I do say we’ll see about a lot of things.

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