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🎶 It’s the End of the World as we know it…🎶

The world is in such a lousy condition lately, and I feel as though I’m fiddling while Rome burns, to handily mix some metaphors for you.

My longarm should be here sometime during the first week of October. For those of you not obsessed with quarter-end reports about environment, health, and safety to the board of directors, that might still be next week. Sigh. It’s ok. I have some things that should be finished before then anyhow. I really want to get my August Stars by Julie Herman finished. It probably won’t happen despite good progress on it.

I’m still obsessively drawing feathers, fills, paisleys and future quilts. I can’t really get a good flow to my feathers in which they fit throughout the space and look somewhat uniform.

Will my proposed garage space work? It will, but it’s nowhere near as well prepared at this point as I would have liked. My chief partner-in-crime, my daughter, has chosen now to get a life! The nerve of some people’s children. The guy seems really nice, although quite a bit older. He’s funny and obviously intelligent as well as artistic. The best thing about him is that he’s clearly besotted with her, and I have to love him for that. The longarm will be a really good thing to give me a nice focus while she finds her way out into the world and I wait for her brother to do the same.

Back to my longarm obsession: I have a Towa gauge. That was easy. I have a nifty starter set of Glide thread from the Fil-etc Bobbin-Central folks. What other things would my fellow longarmers recommend besides a metric ton of rulers. I might have gone a little wild with some of those purchases. I know I need bobbins and more thread. Spare bobbin case, maybe? Loads of needles, I suppose, but I’d better experiment with those a bit before buying them by the pound. Where do you get your batting from? Do you buy rolls?

I’m once again up past my bed time, but I do have more to say on various topics. I may actually post some video content just to entertain myself, but no guarantees.

2 thoughts on “🎶 It’s the End of the World as we know it…🎶

  1. I have a roll of Fairfield warm & toasty cotton I acquired at Joann Fabrics with a coupon. That is what I use for practice and sometimes charity pieces. My longarm has a bar to hold it, so I felt like I had to have one. I buy queen sized Hobbs 80/20 and wool by the case for client work, or if my piece is feeling fancy.
    A stand alone bobbin wonder is a good thing, too. Jamie Wallen has great tutorials on tension and maintenance. I bought the cleaning stuff he suggested and have been happy with it.


    1. I’ve watched his video on tension more than once. I keep hearing that it’s the biggest issue for most longarmers, so I’m trying to prepare myself. I’ve got some (ok a butt load) of rulers from Quilters Apothecary and The Quilted Pineapple because those came the most highly recommended. I’ve been reading books by library loan (because whose has a big section on longarm quilting?) and I know that none of my preparations will be the same as practice. I’m excited and should hear more about a delivery date later today.

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