Training Class

Who gets on a plane without headphones these days?  Apparently two of us. Me and the guy across the aisle from me. He’s loudly playing a movie on his phone, and several other people want to bash him. This could get ugly!  Good thing we all have phones to document it when the whole thing goes south.

Me?  I’m quietly typing to my blog and trying not to use the restroom because airplane restrooms fluster me with their odd sky toilets.   I find myself possessed by a desire to see what all could be effectively flushed. Like the phone of the man across the aisle. It’s just loud enough to be extremely irritating.

It appears there will be no uploading photos mid-flight, so all you get will be this babble unless I’m able to capture video of someone (preferably not me) taking that man’s phone away from him to prevent it from making loud, anxious theme music and helicopter noises.

Why is Cate trapped in a floating tin can for four hours across from Mr. Oblivious?  Good question!  I’m off to Florida to take a three day Juki Longarm Basic Training class with their national educators. I’ve either looked up, figured out, or pestered my dealer enough that nothing should surprise me in this class, but fine-tuning my skills and learning new things is always exciting. I️m

Hopefully pictures of my recent work will follow soon. No, not the photos of me snarfing up all the Halloween candy, but real photos of my longarm in my “studio” (aka the garage) and what I’ve been working on.

It may soon become possible to move the longarm into the house, which would be far superior to the current garage sitauation. My daughter is gradually moving out to live with her boyfriend. I’ll probably wait until after holidays to move it smack into the middle of my living room. Actually, the not-yet vacant upstairs bedroom might work, but the 12-foot Frame might be too long. We’ll need to measure. It’s also possible to move her down to the finished basement, but I’m not sure that would be a simple thing given the length of the poles, etc. and the difficulty of keeping the cats from using it as a hammock. The upstairs bedroom has long been non-cat territory so that we can have guests who are allergic. Just don’t expect a stay in my guest bedroom.

The sound of my own voice in my head is growing frantic.  Time to use the sky toilet, but first, snatch that idiot’s phone to flush it…

Edit:  It just wasn’t possible to whack Annoying Loud Watcher on my way to the tiny sky toilet. It seems his movie ended during the time my wide self was crammed into something too small for the average mop. The blissful silence lasted approximately 10 minutes. Now he’s snoring loudly. Very loudly. Four hour flights are about three hours and fifty-eight minutes too long for me.<<<<<<

One thought on “Training Class

  1. Tough it out! The adventure waiting for you will definitely be worth it. I can’t wait to hear what you learn.
    One episode of CSI that involved an airplane bathroom was enough for me never to want to visit one again. Unfortunately, I am well conditioned. If you tell me that you have to pee, or suggest I should pee, I immediately MUST pee. I blame my mother, of course.


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