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Mid-winter Blues…

I’m not sure now where I heard it, but someone recently said to me that if the first month of the year was the trial to the rest of the subscription, they’d just cancel now. Amen!

The second week in January my sister scared the ever-living crap out of our little family and had a badly abnormal heart rhythm going, requiring the installation of a pacemaker. Those things are actually pretty cool. Our mom had a heart murmur all her life, and my sister had developed one in her forties, so there may be some genetic component going on. My heart is fine. I know this because I fearfully saw a cardiologist for testing, just to be safe.

I’ve been practicing away on my longarm, as you can see. I’m loving it, truly.

My goal at the start of the year was to practice my free-motion quilting skills at least 20 minutes every day. It got shot down pretty quickly due to circumstances beyond my control. The paying job has kept me extremely busy, and I need the insurance, then my sister and her hardware interfered, and currently it’s the mid-winter blues from having the longarm installed in my garage. This is Colorado. What was I thinking? I may have to lose two feet off my twelve-foot frame to get the machine into the spare upstairs bedroom, but it has to be done. I’m freezing out there, which is brutal on the RA.

Ignore the fact that my second R in February got a little bit weird there. I’m still practicing quite a bit, if not as much as I want to! I have also developed a ruler addiction. I’m not quite great with them yet, but I love rulers, and this week’s mail brought me the four new rulers be Angela Walters. If I can keep myself motivated to post, tomorrow or Tuesday, I’ll show you a bit of my practice from today and discuss my favorite rulers a little.

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