Squiggy the Ruler

During my quilting practice on Sunday, I tried out all four of Angela Walters’ new quilting rulers. Today we’ll discuss the one known as Squiggy. If you’re interested in the rulers, you can find them on her site or at lots of local quilt places, just give it a quick Google.

The Squiggy ruler is the sort of hump shaped one in my last post. It’s supposed to be a good aid for making serpentine lines, among other shapes, so that’s what I tried. On the left, you can see nice, evenly spaced s-curve lines. I thought I was clever enough to do that without a ruler, but as you can see from the right hand portion of the photo, it’s far easier with the ruler. Marked lines and even curves beat my freehand work. No contest. Unless I’m missing something, though you have to have a border channel the right size or you’ll miss a portion of the curve. I still like the ruler a lot, and I plan to experiment with its other uses before issuing a final judgment. Has anyone else tried them out yet?

2 thoughts on “Squiggy the Ruler

  1. I am wondering if you tilt a bit, can you use it in a narrower border, kind of making a ribbon? The registration might be hard on that. I do love the rulers for the accuracy it brings – need to get mine out again soon!


    1. I have a serious ruler addiction, honestly. I really like the evenness and uniformity that I can get out of my work with them. I think the fixed curve will make that serpentine line best in certain sizes, but I didn’t think to mess around with the inside of that curve yet, so that will be another adventure soon.


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