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What a wreck of a week and it’s only Wednesday

We’ve had a serious dose of weather weirdness in Northern Colorado lately.  It get breezy here, always has.  I’ve lived most my life, but the WIND has been insane.  A work-hectic Monday kind of blurred into a Tuesday that was beyond the pale.  Hectic became frenzied and panicked as the winds began to blow, and the entire northwest section of my fence blew over yesterday.  My dog needs her fenced yard to keep from charging freely into random neighbors.  I had no idea so many people thought of German Shepherds as truly vicious dogs.  Mine isn’t even a little mean, but no one realizes that her intent is to play when she comes tearing up, barking for joy.  The fence is now sort of held together with twine and tape until a more permanent fix can be arranged.


These are blocks from the Scrap Vortex Quilt by Amanda Jean Nyburg.  I started it as part of the 100 Days Project, and it’s lots of fun, although I haven’t yet tried to make a cohesive block out of a group of scraps yet.  I’m pleased with my wealth of scrappy pieces and orphan blocks, but I reserve full judgment on my own skills yet

secretsThis scattering of blocks is for a secret project that I’m enjoying enormously, even if it’s a bit challenging.  The RA can slow or even halt my piecing at times, so it’s good to stretch those muscles a bit.  Secret projects seem to be a very popular thing lately in these pre-Market weeks.  Are you working on anything stealthily?

This is the first week  of the 2018 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop, and I am lucky enough to be among the participating quilters!  I love this event, even though I’m running so annoyingly behind on my own participation.  We have some amazingly talented quilters, and some really great prizes available.  Go check it out at Cooking Up Quilts!  Maybe you can win something.


6 thoughts on “What a wreck of a week and it’s only Wednesday

  1. Hi Cate,
    I am sorry you are having a frenzied week. Today is my favorite day – almost Friday, Thursday is often underrated! Shake it off my friend – you can still salvage this week. I LOVE Shepherds! I wish I was one of your neighbors – I would welcome her over for a visit and play, and give her a treat or two (with your permission, of course). What’s her name and please share a picture of her?! I’ll have to check back on your older posts to see if you’ve shared any. ~smile~ Roseanne


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