Meet Charlotte…

Yes, I finally did it and I probably shouldn’t have, but everyquilter needs a Singer Featherweight in his or her life. I know I’m not wrong.

She’s in very good shape, although not flawless. According to her serial number, she was born in 1945, but isn’t one of the fabled Blackside machines. I wish I knew more about getting her cleaned up because she’s a wee bit scuffed and has a small patch of rustiness on her bottom side, underneath. She needs a good polish, but her belt looks original, and has seen very light use. The foot pedal is original. Her manuals are long lost, but they’re available for free on the internet, and you can also buy vintage ones. I suspect that she was barely used and sat in her case in a more damp climate than Northern Colorado. The case has no handle and is very scuffed up. I have mental image of hear getting shifted from corner to corner in a garage, the way our ancient trunks and junk get shuffled here at my house. Of course, there are options for fixing the case or buying a brand new one as well. It’s a new long term project (hush!) but my local favorite shop, Stitches Loveland, has a monthly Featherweight Maintenance Club, so I’m very anxious to take her in next time one’s held.

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