About the Chaotic Quilter

It’s so weird to talk about myself this way after not having blogged since the early dawn of Typepad. During the early to mid 00’s I had a fairly well liked and moderately well travelled personal blog. It chronicled my ugly divorce and custody battles as well as my knitting and spinning. I was a single mom with a kindergartener and a high schooler. They’re both genuine adults now.  They still live with me, but that in and of itself is another lesson in Chaos Theory, as most of my life has been. I can’t really knit anymore. I went through a very stressful period of my life that included a new marriage, the onset of rheumatoid arthritis, and the loss of my mother to lung cancer.  Just four weeks later, the newish husband (married four years) moved one Saturday, very abruptly and unexpectedly. Strangely we are still married but rarely speak. I’m not sure what it all means, really. 

Anyway, the advancement of joint damage has left me pretty whiny about doing much handwork. There’s not much knitting or embroidery. Zero crochet. Limited walking, some days.  But lots and lots of piecing and quilting when I’m not at my ferociously busy job. I yearn for a longarm, but that’s a lot of money!  Where would I put it?  Could I actually get it to pay for itself, or do they just say that to sell them?  Gammill?  Handiquilter?  APQS?  Innova?  How do I decide?  

So join me, fellow craft-heads. I will tell you tales of harrowing marriages, lost love, parenting grown people, making quilts, having too many cats, and living with RA. Thanks for being here. 

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